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The monk attained Sainthood as soon as the Buddha changed the subject of his meditation

The story happened when the Blessed One was staying at Jetavana, concerning a monk who was a disciple of Sāriputta. There was a handsome young man, son of a silversmith, leaving his family, monasticism to study with Venerable Sariputra. The venerable thought to himself: “My disciple is young, and lust is very strong”. In order to help the young monk to fight against sexual infection, the false teacher taught him…

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HT.Thich Thien Bao publishes the book “Throw your life into the place of Zen subject”

Recently, at Buu Tho Meditation Center (Kien Giang) and Nguyen Huong Pagoda, the launch of the book “Throwing your life into Zen subject” by HT.Thich Thien Bao took place. The record of the 120-year life of the Venerable Master revived Buddhism It is known that this is the first book that the Venerable Thich Thien Bao has wished to publish for many years. The book is 200 pages thick, with…