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The world’s second largest Buddha statue suddenly appeared after 700 years

This great Buddha statue is considered a Chinese treasure but has a mysterious history that leaves experts scratching their heads. Buddhism originated in India but has flourished in Southeast Asia and China. Buddhist culture has left many ancient architectural works, scriptures and artifacts of great value. There are Buddhist legacies that are considered national treasures in China. During the history of thousands of years, to pay respects to the Buddha,…

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Mother died suddenly, the soldier suppressed his grief in the unit on anti-epidemic duty

Unable to return to his hometown to see his mother for the last time, Sergeant Phuc knelt in front of the altar set up in the isolation area to worship his mother. Photos and stories are shared, causing strong emotions in the online community. The image of Sergeant Phung Minh Phuc worshiping his mother moved the community. On the morning of May 17, Lieutenant Colonel Dau Ba Ha – Member…

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Covid-19 swept, a series of children in India were suddenly orphaned

The Covid-19 pandemic has caused tension in India, causing the country to appear homeless orphans. While some children have lost both parents, others have one or both but are unable to receive physical and psychological care from their parents. India’s fight against Covid-19 is increasingly tense, the number of orphans in the country is increasing. In Kolkata, an infant recently lost both parents and grandparents to Covid-19. The child tested…