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Finding peace in the midst of a stressful life

The book series “Living Peacefully, Without Worrying” shows that there are more precious things that exist within pressure and unhappiness. In modern society, three typical values ​​that each individual must face are: Fame, affection, and material benefits. Each person’s success is also reflected in these three aspects. It is worth mentioning that these three types of values ​​belong to society and external circumstances, which do not inherently belong to the…

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Let go of troubles

Letting go of sorrows is a book compiled and compiled by Sister Suoi Thong, as well as added in the spirit of Buddhism – considered as a manual for each person to be free from events or troubles in life. messy life. Cloudy road in dreamland Although turbidity in rivers still flowing though Though still high despite lower green leaves Whether a layman or a cultivator Must live from something…