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Tears of the crane fairy, the end for the ungrateful

There was a young man who inherited a great fortune from his late father. However, he is extremely lazy, does not worry about doing business, but just lies and enjoys all day. Therefore, soon the wealth and money in the house was completely consumed, and he even fell into a pile of debt. Too desperate, the boy wanted to find death to end his life. He went to the lake…

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Shedding tears at the image of exhausted medical staff when overcoming the sun and searching for COVID-19 at night

Some people were too tired to take off their protective suits and had to ask their colleagues for help, others took advantage of taking a nap on the tile floor. The epidemic will pass, the songs will stay It has entered the 7th day since the COVID-19 epidemic “landed” in Bac Ninh. These are also the days and nights of hard work of the medical staff of Bac Ninh province…