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The most special thing of the Tathagata

The appearance of Buddha in life is already a very beautiful thing. He was born in a splendid garden full of fragrance, with so much joy and gladness to welcome the whole Sakyamuni Kingdom. He has the status of a Crown Prince, but has never put himself in the position of a powerful person to enjoy wealth and glory or look down on anyone. On the contrary, when growing up,…

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The Tathagata – One who acts in harmony

Every April, in the minds of Buddha’s children, a glorious image of the Buddha was born walking on seven lotus flowers and hearing the familiar triple syllable “I am the supreme, noble one in the world” Heaven and earth, only self-respect). Speaking of the Tathagata, the Buddha’s disciples often engrave the ten virtues Buddha noble and incomparable treasures (Namo Tathagata: Devotion, Right Understanding, Perfection of Wisdom, Goodness, Understanding of the…