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The French language of Sister Hai Trieu Yin

You must practice patience and endurance. Whenever afflictions, look directly at the afflictions, find out the reason, do not let external influences dominate. Whether other people are good or bad has little to do with us. The precepts make it easy to meditate, not as a weapon to criticize others. People who still have karma cannot leave the Three Realms, escape the cycle of birth and death. There is only…

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Sister Hai Trieu Am tells a story about animals

When I was in retreat in Linh Quang, there were a lot of rats here. One meal a day, I leave a bowl of rice for them. The strange thing is that the bowl of rice that is finely assigned to it, that bowl of rice is empty every day, and the fruit left on the altar is never touched. The life and results of Sister Hai Trieu Am Sister…

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Zen Master Tu Dao Hanh through the document Wood Ban Trieu Nguyen

In the history of Buddhism in Vietnam and the world, after the Buddha entered Nirvana, in order to continue the source of the sacred Dharma in this evil land, there have been many Bodhisattvas, Saints, or Zen monks. The monk appeared in the human realm to teach and transform sentient beings. Introduction to the historical archive of Vietnamese Buddhism through Woodblocks of the Nguyen Dynasty The way they choose their…