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Venerable Shariputra

When the life of the Sangha was stable and self-consciously maintained, Venerable Sariputta cleverly hid himself in silent sacrifices, in unrelenting devotion. His heart is always placed on the masses. With medical talent, he directly took charge of medicine to cure diseases. In the small huts, under the shade of bamboo groves, next to the roaring stream, sometimes people see the silhouette of the Upper Thu taking care of the…

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Venerable Sariputta entered Nirvana

One day at the end of the summer retreat season, Venerable Sāriputta released his meditation and swept clean and tidy his cup. In Ky Vien Monastery, the sun has faded and the old trees have begun to shed their leaves. Venerable Shariputra Buddha – the first wisdom, complete filial piety Portrait of Venerable Sariputta. The venerable stood silently looking at the scenery here one last time as if he was…