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Buddha’s teachings on the cause of squandering wealth

According to the wisdom of the World-Honored One, there are six causes of squandering wealth, which originate from human passions (according to bad inclinations). Assets are the lifeblood of most people. At one time, the Blessed One was staying at Rajagaha, in Veluvana. At that time, Singàlaka, the householder, rose early in the morning, left the city of Vajradhara, folded his hands and bowed down to the six directions. Then,…

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If you want to develop wealth, avoid the six karmas that cause damage

In life, making property is difficult, knowing how to preserve property not to lose it is even more difficult. According to the Blessed One, there are six unwholesome actions that cause the loss of property, which should be avoided by good people. Be beautiful from the heart Transforming these six property-loss karmas will help you achieve financial stability and long-term success. “Once upon a time, the Buddha was staying at…