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Vietnamese Buddhist portal welcomes silver button from YouTube channel

With nearly 100,000 subscribers, the Vietnamese Buddhist YouTube channel is about to receive YouTube’s silver button. What is YouTube channel silver button? Commonly known as the Gold Button, the Silver Button or the Youtube Play Button, few people may know that it is a reward in a series of gifts that Youtube sends in recognition of its most popular channels, the Award. YouTube Creator Awards (YouTube Creator Awards). This YouTube…

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Spread Buddhism by subscribing, liking and sharing Vietnam Buddhist Youtube channel Youtube

With the mission of “Preaching the law of the house; Loi born vi Ban Hoi” of a Buddhist disciple, over the past year, the Vietnamese Buddhist YouTube channel has been promoted and developed. The homepage of the Vietnamese Buddhist Youtube channel. Vietnamese Buddhist Youtube Channel was born with the meaning of transmitting the Buddha’s teachings, transmitting the noble examples of the Sangha, conveying the important Buddhist works of Buddhism to…